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Asuki - Tikitat

Model: ASKN-57

Asuki, who has released albums with great success, is one of the most selling bands in Greenlandic music and now they are out with their 4th album, where their last release was a Christmas album. Asuki from Qasigiannguit has not released for many years and is now finally on track with this long awaited CD containing 14 songs and 4 bonus songs. The band has even recorded the CD in Qasigiannguit and the songs are in the best Asuki style that all their many fans in all of Greenland love. Greenlandic rock 'n' roll at its best! The lyrics are humorous and for which the band is known, they often have polyphonic vowels and rhythms that get everyone on the dance floor. Asuki's first 2 releases that are not on the market more in physical form can be downloaded on iTunes (Aqagumi Taava ??? & Piguassuassi).

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