ASCD-86: Nanook - Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit

Model: ASCD-86

Nanook released 'Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit" in 2009. The album is the best selling album by Nanook and includes 10 songs and a bonus track...The album recieved the annual Koda award for best album the year it got out and is now one of the best selling album of all time in the music history of the label Atlantic Music ApS...


NANOOK was introduced to the greenlandic musicscene when Atlantic Music/Studio celebrated their 10th year in 2008. Listening among audience during concert you could hear people talking “this band will definitely be popular in future” ! The band recorded their first album in 2009 in Atlantic Studio, Copenhagen together with technician Mik S. Christensen who has an inbound familiarity to the bandmembers. With a superb teamwork they produced this fine rock/indierock album and immediately hit the music chart. The 1st single: Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit” (our sun Is shining on you) was played in every media in Greenland. The musicstyle of NANOOK is different with various tempo shifts, sophisticated sounds using the Greenland (Qilaat) drum in their music to make the past meet the present. Melodic songs and exciting vocalists singing choir on some tracks and using falset to express their songs. Listening to their music a speciel universe appears. Musicians in a great teamwork using instruments rarely used in Greenlandic music.




Timmissat Taartut

Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit


Meeraq Kingulleq

Qummut Isigaara

Sinnattut Naaffeqarput

Tarniga Piareerpoq


Bonus track: Maaniippoq


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