Qilaat - Rammetromme

Before the colonization with European travelers, the frame drum was the main instrument that was used in Inuit societies. It was used in Inuit games but also at very important and festive events including both spiritual and competing rituals. It was therefore both used for entertainment but could also be used for battles between two Inuit. Qilaat is the Greenlandic name for the frame drum and the performers are called drum dancers and could both involve making grimaces, dancing and playing the drum. Today the 'Qilaat' is still used and is returning more and more in homes not just for the beauty on the wall but as a musical instrument.



Model/varenr.: Qilaat 8
Model/varenr.: Qilaat 1
Model/varenr.: Qilaat 4
Model/varenr.: Qilaat 5
Model/varenr.: Qilaat 7