Zikaza - Miki Goes To Nuussuaq VINYL

Model: ULO45

This un-used vinyl is one of the most sold albums in the history of Greenland. 

You won't find an un-used one anywhere else. Zikaza is known for the bands frontsinger Siiva Fleischer because of his songwriting and big voice. Zikaza's songs are very popular in Greenland and Zikaza is still an active name on the live front in Greenland.


Side 1:

1. Miki

2. Nunat Aalateriffigaat

3. Inuuneq Nutaaq

4. Akingiuk

5. Neriuffissaalluarpoq

Side 2:

1. Ajoqaaq

2. Maqaasillutit

3. Unnuaq Sungamami?

4. Iterpunga

5. Ikinngut


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