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Weight: 0,6 kg
Model: Evans 16” G2 clear
Evans TT10G2 - 16" double drum head, clear, for loud drumming with open sound, fast and controlled attack/sustain. Suitable for thomann live, studio, jazz, fusion, Latin.
Weight: 0,3 kg
Model: Protone Pearl 13" clear
ProTone tom heads are made with a proprietary film specially designed for drumheads for outstanding tone and durability. Whether you like the quick attack of single-ply heads or the wetter, fatter sound of two-ply heads, ProTone has you covered.
Weight: 0,2 kg
Evans™ Power Center™ snare heads feature a 10mil film. Extra durability and focus is provided by a centrally located 5mil patch on the bottom of the head. Unique slots in the 5" diameter dot allow it to flex, keeping the head open and resonant.
Weight: 1 kg
Controlled, low-end rumble and a focused attack characterize the EQ3 bass head. Two plies of 6.5 mil film with an internal overtone control ring and a removable EQ muffle ring give the head versatility. Tuned high, it will provide ample resonance but with increased control, articulation and pitch focus. The coated version delivers additional warmth, focus and depth.
Weight: 1 kg
20" Evans Genera G2 clear bass drum drumhead for resonant side or batter side. The Evans G2 features two plies of 7mil film offering maximum durability, wide-open response and a fat low-end. A modern, full resonance you can tailor to taste.
Weight: 1 kg
We've selected some exerts from the Evans guide to help with your choice. Remember, most heads come in clear and coated options - the latter giving you a dryer sound. EMAD: "Externally Mounted Adjustable Damping gives options for attack and sustain". EQ1: "Great for jazz, bop and fusion, the EQ1 provides moderate overtone control". EQ2: "Extreme durability, focus and punch, the EQ2 is great for aggressive play". EQ3: "Durable and versatile, the EQ3 is ideal for any style, mild to aggressive". EQ4: "Aggressive and warm, the EQ4 is durable with full low end and solid attack".
Weight: 1 kg
Evans BD22G2 22"" Genera G2 Clear Bass Drumhead The two 7mil plies of the G2 bass head offer maximum durability with wide-open response and undeniably fat low-end. A modern, full resonance you can tailor to taste.
Weight: 1 kg
14" white snare drum head made using two plies of film. An outer ply of 5mil and an inner ply of 7.5mil film 2mil overtone control ring on the underside that "floats" with the head, eliminating excessive overtones and controlling sustain
Weight: 1 kg
Here's the Evans express guide!! Genera HD Coated (HD): "Loud, brash, dry and durable - best suited to aggressive play". Genera HD Dry Coated (HDD): "Addition of dry vents makes the normal HD extra dry for extra cut". Genera Coated (GEN): "A sensitive feel and controlled sustain - suit any style" Genera Dry Coated (DRY): "Controlled and sensitive, Genera Dry is perfect for live and studio". Powercentre (G1D): "A fat center and open edges - the Powercentre is the best of both worlds". Uno58 (10d): "Open, soft and airy, the Uno58 lets the stick do the work".
Weight: 1 kg
ply Power Center offers durability and focus in the center via a 5mil patch. Unique slots in the 5" diameter dot allow it to flex, keeping the head open at the edges. Instrument: Drum Set Snare Finish: Coated Attack: Defined Tone: Medium Warm Sustain: Moderate Feel: Medium Soft Durability: High
Weight: 1 kg
Model: B14G1RD
Evans drumheads has unveiled a new reinforced-center snare drumhead that combines the durability of a double ply head with the open, bright sound of a single ply head. The new Power Center snare head is a single ply white coated drumhead with a unique central "Power Circle" perforated in a n "X" pattern to open up the sound which reinforces the middle of the head for heavy back-beat drummers. While it's extremely durable for loud playing, the Power Circle is thin enough not to interfere with brush strokes for quiet brush playing. The Power Center head has the strength and durability of a two-ply head where you need it most.