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Qaqqat Alanngui Soundtrack

Model: ASCD-99

Greenland's first professional youth thriller / thriller feature film titled "Qaqqat Alanngui" was premiere in the cinema d. June 3, 2011. The film deals with one of the greatest myths here, called "Qivittoq" which means mountain walker. Read more about the film at www.tumit .gl
This film got a page project about all the music for the film. This soundtrack for the movie contains both brand new songs as well as popular Greenlandic songs that are featured in the movie or have never been released. A few songs are included in the soundtrack due to the content of the texts that fit the subject of the movie. Malik Kleist from former Chilly Friday, who has also produced the film, is recording a solo album that many are waiting for. With his song for the movie with the song title "Qivittorsuup Tigummanga" you get a taste of what is waiting for him. Nanook who found out with their debut album "Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit", contributes with two songs that have never been released before and one song "Ingerlaliinnaleqaagut" is one of the main songs in the film. A song that one should also pay particular attention to is a song written by Kishima entitled "Timmiaaqqatut" - a great song that deserves to be heard. On a soundtrack there is of course also a theme song with, and Lu Berthelsen has provided an instrumental number. Alter Me and his own producer for Atlantic Studio (Mik S. Christensen) also contribute a few English songs that are excellent and it is a pleasure to get those songs. Of more well-known songs we have some from the dime Kimmernaq and the rock group Chilly Friday with songs that fit into the subject. See the track list for this strong release:


  1. Nanook - Ingerlaliinnaleqaagut
  2. Malik – Qivittorsuup Tigummanga
  3. Nanook – Inuup Tarraa
  4. Kishima – Timmiaaqqatut
  5. Lu – Qaqqat Alanngui
  6. Kimmernaq – Uummatigaasiit
  7. Chilly Friday – Qivittoq
  8. Kimmernaq – Qivittut
  9. Kimmernaq – Asanninnera
  10. MSC – Roads
  11. Alter Me – Bad Trip
  12. Alter Me – I’m Dead
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