Eskimo Weekend ? ?Soundtrack?

Model: ASCD35

Production as soundtrack for the short movie Eskimo Weekend. Several bands such as Chilly Friday, DDR, Julie Berthelsen contributes to the production. Music mostly addressed to the younger publicity - rock/pop style.

ASCD-35 Eskimo Weekend Soundtrack

  1. Eskimo (Chilly Friday)
  2. Lost & Found (Julie Berthelsen/Lumholt)
  3. Qiimaneq Remix (DDR)
  4. Nemoland (Chilly Friday)
  5. Whore 4 A Day (Chilly Friday)
  6. Kasuutta (DDR)
  7. Dusty (Zinzane)
  8. Siunissaq (DDR)
  9. Eqeeritsi (Chilly Friday)
  10. The Beginning (HAP)
  11. Igloo (Zinzane)
  12. Ethnic Trance (HAP)
  13. Party Boy Airways (HAP)
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