Nanook - Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit (vinyl)

Model: ASLP9


Nanook's debut album 'Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit' (Our Sun is Shining on You) became a sudden hit when it was released in 2009. The brothers Christian & Frederik Elsner received the annual Koda Award for their lyrics and alternative way of writing songs in Greenland. A new chapter in Greenland's musik scene could begin, and the international modern sound was more and more to be heard on future productions, with producer Mik S. Christensen behind the buttons - he produced Nanook's first 3 albums. The debut album was produced in Atlantic Studio Copenhagen and contains songs mainly in the rock genre with a couple of slower melancholic songs including some more and less experimental twists in several songs. The big hits such as the titelsong 'Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit, 'Kisimiinneq' and 'Timmissat Taartut' echoed in several countries overseas which the band eventually toured in. This vinyl edition is a must have for Nanook fans. It is a gatefold cover with raw material and unique artwork from the original release including lyrics and English translations. 


Side A:
1. Sikkerpoq 
2. Kisimiinneq 
3. Timmissat Taartut
4. Seqinitta Qinngorpaatit 
5. Sivittorpormi

Side B:
6. Meeraq Kingulleq 
7. Qummut Isigaara 
8. Sinnattut Naaffeqarput 
9. Tarniga Piareerpoq 
10. Piiginnakkit

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