Minik –- Amarok Theatre

Model: ASCD-91

This album has been a long way and now it has finally come out. It is a colorful plate with lots to offer in terms of music style and mood. It is experimental pop in newer sense with both Greenlandic and English texts. The album is exciting with songs and tales, and you must notice the selected voices that have been used as well as the different sounds. Ex. On track 2 with an intro of the soaring wolves in the background while different voices tell together with a Greenlandic drum and a woman who sings Aj'ja'jaa can not be more life-provoking - nice peaceful listening. The song is originally an Inneruulat number "Inunnguugami", which everyone knows about here. While the song is in progress there are bridges between song and story - well arranged. There are lots of different shifts and numbers are completed. The plate contains 11 numbers, and the shifts between a female and male make the album more versatile to listen to.

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