N.E.P. 80 "Hendrik Lundip Erinarsuusiai"

Model: ASCD11

This is a record of recordings of songs from the famous composer, poet, singer and painter Henrik Lund who died in 1948 (1875-1948). He comes from Nanortalik and his songs are captured by the Nangaasut choir and N.E.P. 80-core. The texts are about his dreams of independence, Greenland's beautiful nature, the old people ... A very national record. The plate is mostly older, as it contains 13 songs with corsange.

ASCD-11 Henrik Lund

  1. Nunarput Utoqqarsuanngoravit
  2. Putsut Tamaani
  3. Maani Unnulermat
  4. Ilaanni Unnulermat
  5. Aallartulerfik
  6. Upernalermat Maanna
  7. Isinnik Tamaani Qimerluukkatit
  8. Angalaarfissat Qaninaassanagu
  9. Kangerluk Tusaamasaq Uunartoq
  10. Ukaleq Naasortortuuvoq
  11. Angippat Passutassat Tiguuk
  12. Itsaq Maaniaa Inuupput
  13. Sallusuissut
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