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Kangaamiuni Erinarsoqatatigiit - Kingumut maanna katersuuppugut


1. Ullut taasiaartalersut

2. Juullimi inuusoq Jiisu

3. Taartup pissaanera

4. Guuti Ataataq

5. Ulloq Qiimasuuffik-aa

6. Inuit tamavimmik taanna pissaraat

7. Qaamasoq qilammi

8. Kingumut maanna katersuuppugut

9. Haliluuja

10. Maanna juullisiratta

11. Ullut atukkat

12. Pereersoq qujalluta qaangerparput

13. Qujavunga


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Paluit is a choir from Ilulissat who has recorded this lovely choir in Nuunoq Studio, featuring Nuunoq Johansen as techniques. The choir consists of 25 women and men with Berthel Sandgreen as a choir / diagent. Berthel Sandgreen has also written most songs on this album, which contains 13 songs. It is the year's first choir from Atlantic Music, and the themes are positive and fits the bright summer. The plate was finished in April-month (2009).

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Then Qissiat finally came out with their long awaited record. Qissiat is a highly recognized man choir from Nuuk, who has performed several times, not least on KNR TV and in Greenland's cultural center. This CD contains 16 byzings, ie. Songs suitable for each city (see track list). The choir is recorded by Bent Ole Brandt and Titken Jakobsen. The latter is also the choir's diagent, and the songs date back to the 19th century, with a great conviction. Qissiat is the only official male choir in Greenland, and you can hear that they are well-behaved.

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Choir by out most famous choir ”Ingeratsiler” recorded in the church in Tasiilaq in Eastgreenland. Songs for the celebration of easter. The choir Ingeratsiler has won great attention for their beautiful arrangements and beautiful vocal performance.

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Model: ASCD-89

Album produced to mark the 50 years jubilee of the Union of women and also a symbol of the front figure of the union Gudrun Chemnitz and her great work throughout the years to guard and keep Greenlandic traditions in the home. Stories told by three of our great vocalist´s Nina, Julie and Kimmernaq, beautifully performed. In between one Christmas song performed as choir – very traditional and much used in celebrating the Greenlandic Christmas.

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Kangaamiormiut erinarsoqatigiivi juullerpaluttumik saqqummersitaat!

Koret fra Kangaamiut udgiver ny juleplade!

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Inngeratsiler nutaaq!/Ny Inngeratsiler!

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