Sussat! - Sila Qaammareerpoq

Model: ASKN-40

The album is called Sila Qaammareerpoq, and is a lavish happy Greenlandic plate where the singer John G. Sandgreen manages to come up with humorous texts. Eg. The song Aar 'Laar' Vijuu (I love you), where he mixes the Greenlandic language with the English. The band has chosen to use the "Cher" effect, as it is called - where it is cut in the vocal and it sounds completely electronic. The plate is a real summer plate and will certainly fall in good soil in the Greenlandic home. Despite some of the funny lyrics, the music is seriously played by serious musicians, such as Viila Sandgreen who plays a guitar song in the first song, but also the band's guitarist who fires it off with guitar solos here and there. The numbers are well thought out and melodic and you can not be in a good mood when you hear the album.

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