Qarsoq - Aqqut Takivoq

Model: ASCD58

After their first collection, which became a big success, it would be quite wrong not to come out with a successor. After many years, Qarsoq has released several albums and a wealth of good songs. Therefore, it was not difficult to produce the successor. The CD contains 12 classics as well as a new number that was chosen for the title number. The album is more varied than the first collection, not least because of the items that have been modernized. Huge hits like "Green Shit" and "Tamatta Girl" are on the record with a whole new sound. Hans Rosenberg and Enok Poulsen include the album. Again, the album addresses both young and old.

1. Unnuap Inui
2. Inuusimavutit
3. Angut Utoqqaq
4. Green Shit
5. Sooq Sooq-una
6. Aqqut Takivoq
7. Ikioqqugaluarpunga
8. Naju
9. Anisa
10. Sinnattuunngila
11. Upperissanerpara Pisoq
12. Tamatta Pigerusupparput
13. Ukiut 10-t / Qarsoq Jam

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