Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia - Qullissara

Model: ULO-171

The Qullissara project that has been around Greenland on a well-liked tour is now out with a CD. The CD contains the original songs (see track list), which have been reinterpreted by modern musicians and they do an outstanding job. The musicians list themselves: Kimmernaq Kjeldsen, Pilu Noahsen, Miké F. Thomsen, Hans Jørgen Damgaard, Viila Dangreen, Jens Nielsen, Christian Søgaard and Fabrizio Barzanti. A dream team for such a project as Fabrizio Barzanti has produced. Demand has been great already since their tour so it is with great pleasure to distribute this record. The album was released this month - December, 2012.

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