Naneruaq - Sinnattuinnaavaa

Model: ULO-42

Naneruaq found their debut album "Aqqusineq", and this album has really been missed in Greenland since it has been sold out. The album contains lots of well-known songs and it is always nice to hear Naneruaq's songs where Niels Platou and Ulrik Augustussen are switched to the forerunner. This album was released in 1987, and the band has released 3 albums and a live CD and DVD. Naneruaq is famous for their melodies and texts, and it is absolutely unbelievable that they still fill the concert halls over and over again. Their fans are and remain faithful and there are also rumors that the band is so small in the process of producing brand new songs so you can look forward to it ...


Taarsuaq qimappat
Unnuk manna
Piumasannut piit
Ullut naalerneri
Immiaaqqap puukua
Aasap nunaani


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