Kimmernaq - Tunissut

Model: ASCD-59

Kimmernaq was introduced to Greenlandic music as we listenet to her vocal on the solo album of Stinne Jacobsen. A contract was offered as the producer of Atlantic Studio Mik S. Christensen draw the attention to this special vocal. The songs and lyrics are written by Pilu Lynge, a wellknown popular artist and songs given to Kimmernaq as a present. Music style is “fresh” as Kimmernaq says ! and the music quickly hit the music chart.   A star is born! (2006)

1. Uummatigaasiit
2. Tuapannguit
3. Puttaarunnaaq
4. Asanninnera
5. Isussuapput
6. Maqaasineq
7. Taamaannerit
8. Malugisarpara
9. Qivittoq
10. Tusaaleriga

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