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Julie Berthelsen - Asasara

Then our everybody's Julie is back, stronger than ever! Julie's new CD is right on the stairs and we at Atlantic Music are extremely proud to be able to stand for the distribution of this beautiful album that already has singles in Danish and Greenlandic radio stations with extremely great success - as always. Julie, who is Greenland's biggest song diva, even managed to get a Greenlandic song on the album, namely the title song "Asasara". In addition, she has promised her Greenlandic audience that during this year she will come to Greenland tour. ' Her two previous albums have sold over 120,000 copies in Denmark and Greenland, and no other artist from Greenland can do that.

Julie has also contributed to other Greenlandic releases:

- The album Eskimo Weekend Soundtrack, where she sings "Lost and Found", written by Angu Motzfeldt.
- The album Arctic Horizons, where she sings "Lady", written by Angu Motzfeldt and the song "You & Me", which she sings together with Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen - written by Nuka V. Petersen.
- The album Zedna, where she sings the song "Kipilerfigivagit", written by Isak Møller.
- The album Arnajarak ', where Julie and Nina Kreutzmann Jørgensen sing Greenlandic children songs.

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