ASCD133 Nanook - Pissaaneqaqisut

Model: Ascd-133

Pissaaneqaqisut is the 3rd studio album by Nanook and it recieved top reviews in Greenland. The album also reciewed the annual Koda award for best album the year it got out (October, 2014). With more than 15.000 physical Nanook albums sold, the band has now become the best selling band in modern music from Greenland. Pissaaneqaqisut has 11 tracks...

3rd album from the band NANOOK was released winter 2014. NANOOK was introduced to Greenland five years ago and has sold over 15.000 ex. of their music in spite of the fact that songs are in the aboriginal language Greenlandic. The band has been touring abroad as in most Nordic countries but also in Canada and USA. Three years went by and this 3rd album Pissaaneqaqisut (We who have the strength)makes it clear that there is a common theme both in cover layout as well as lyrics and music. Their recognazible sound together with new subjects and beautiful composements ties it all together. The two frontfigures the Elsner brothers received the music award for the 2nd time for their creative and fine release.

In 2016 the band had great success in Aasia and has now signet a contract which is a compilation og the three CD´s. Nanook visited Japan as a part of a culturel promotion along with Greenlandic politicians and the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark in 2015.







Nunarput Kusanaq




Qiimassutissarput Aajuna

Nanook intro


Bonus track: Sassuma Arnaa
REVIEW: Marcin Albumy, Poland
Recently, we presented you the indie rock band Nanook, which comes from the far north and has won a few Prizes. 

So today Nanook no longer requires a detailed presentation. But now we try to look at their latest publishing "Pissaaneqaqisut," which premiered on 31st of October 2014 in Greenland.

When listening to the new album with Nanook we are sure that it is still Nanook. It has similar emotions and expressions as theor other albums. Again, we can count on a strong album with good tunes. In this version there are also recognizable characteristic notes of melancholy with a large load of hope. In addition, the Greenland indie rock still scrolling subtle folk motifs. In short, the album "Pissaaneqaqisut" fully legitimizes the validity album "Nanook" and is its natural extension.

What's more safe to say is that the new release is better, more interesting, more mature and more varied than its predecessor. The album "Pissaaneqaqisut" is even more refined, so productively and also the songwriting. The material is fresh and it is also something extra. Moreover, the group does not duplicate patterns, but is growing. Broadly speaking Greenland style of music the band seems to be more complete.

The album "Pissaaneqaqisut" is another component of consistently created Nanook history, not only in the music, but also in the lyrics. Their authors Frederik K. Elsner and Christian K. Elsner still describes the already known serious social problems, such as for example, climate change or global warming, which lead to the melting of glaciers and are a threat to the natural environment of polar bears. In addition, it raises issues about identity and belonging. It points out that we should not forget who we are and where we come from. But still, the band sings not only about the hardships and problems. There are also songs about the beauty of life and love.

It should be noted that on the album "Pissaaneqaqisut" next to the basic composition, there is also a number of guests. Cooperation with soloists provided the team with rich instrumental. Next to the existing instruments can be heard here as interesting piece string and lots of blowing instruments - trombone, trumpet and saxophone. Music becomes thus, becoming a varied material that you listen to from beginning to end with the same pleasure.

Nanook expectations for the album "Nanook" were large, because the band has awakened appetite for "Greenland indie rock". Today we know that the band lived up to them. High quality production and the sound on the album "Pissaaneqaqisut" is one of its greatest strengths. But you can not also ignore the fact of just solid composition. They are skillfully polished songwriters with a sence of good melodies, well bonded threaded emotional vocalists.

How is it? Ambitious, very ambitious. Nanook musicians deserve applause, because they were able to create (again) something really good and worth taking the time. CD "Pissaaneqaqisut" can not miss anyone who is looking for a new impetus for indie rock music. These are just great songs written.
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