Fishman Fluence Classic Humbucker Set


Bridge Voice 1: Vintage P.A.F.

Bridge Voice 2: Classic Hotrod

Neck Voice 1: Vintage P.A.F.

Neck Voice 2: Clear, airy chime


The Fishman Fluence Classic Humbucker pickup set delivers the most sought-after humbucking tones, from vintage sweetness to overwound punch. Unlike most wire-wound models, Fluence pickups manage to deliver the classic humbucker sound without noise or inductance issues. On top of that, Fishman Fluence Classic Humbucker pickups provide you with your choice of three distinctly different voices per pickup: a clear, vintage-sounding humbucker; a wide-range humbucker with airy chime; and the newest voicing addition of a vintage-sounding single-coil — all from the same humbuckers. Give your Sales Engineer a call to learn more about these innovative pickups!


Active electronics deliver classic tone — without the noise

We all love the sound of vintage pickups. That being said, buzz and inductance issues leave a bit to be desired. With Fishman Fluence Classic Humbucker pickups, you can run hundreds of feet of guitar cable without any quality loss. Your volume control will operate with unprecedented smoothness, allowing you to milk useful sounds out of your guitar, even at low settings. To call these pickups "noiseless" would be a grand understatement!

Three distinct voices per pickup

Each pickup in the Fluence Classic Humbucker set provides you with the choice of three unique, selectable voices. The Fluence Classic Humbucker Bridge pickup's first voice is reminiscent of a vintage pickup. Plug into your amp and treat yourself to that familiar sweet warmth, accented by clear and present articulation. The second voice invokes a hot-rodded humbucker, with its muscular, beefy, overwound tone. Newly incorporated is a third voice — single-coil, which produces authentic thickness and clarity without losing any of the highs or vintage tone. The neck pickup allows you to choose between a vintage PAF, a wide-range humbucker, and a warm single-coil. The voices are accessible by any number of standard switches or push-pull controls, and they can be added as a completely reversible modification to most guitars.

Contains all you need for installation

Fishman Fluence is a revolutionary new way to look at the art of pickup building. To deliver their wide range of tones, noise-free performance, and low-impedance signal, these pickups require a power source and specially designed pots. All of this is included with every pickup. Inside the package, you'll find the pickups, wiring, and push-pull and standard 25k potentiometers that are ideal for the active circuitry, and more. Installing a set of Fishman Fluence pickups is a quick and easy way to achieve your electric guitar's full potential.

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