GIBSON elguitar LP Spec.Tribute Humbucker - Vintage

Model/Artikelnr.: LP Spec.Tribute Vintage

Full Description

Powerful P90 pickups

The sound of vintage Gibson. In the 1940s Gibson created the P90. Warm and twangy with exceptional clarity, this fat pickup is, in essence, a more powerful single coil. This means you get all the brightness and warmth you could ever want, with the added benefit of more punch and increased output. The Les Paul Tribute Special has two P90 pickups, one in the neck position and one in the bridge position.

The neck pickup is smooth and warm, perfect for elegant lead lines, while the bridge pickup is crisp and fat, ideal for powerful chords and soaring solos. A 3-way selector switch and dual volume and tone controls give you incredible flexibility over your sound, and each circuit is hand-wired with highly sought after orange drop capacitors. The result is a precise, consistent sound that is quintessentially Gibson.

The optimum guitar neck

Attention-to-detail has been paid to every single aspect of the Tribute's neck to ensure it delivers the most complete playing experience possible. And it all starts with a wonderful rounded profile. Designed to fit perfectly to the contours of your hand, it provides exquisite comfort at every point up and down the guitar's scale. So you can banish hand cramp to the past. And the rosewood fingerboard is slick, delivering a tremendously smooth playing action - ideal for speedy soloing.

It's not just in the playability where this expertly-crafted neck excels, though. It's also capable of delivering exquisite tone. Made from premium mahogany, it offers a rich, balanced sound that will help your mids resonate. Paired with the beautiful warmth of the rosewood fretboard, you've got a far-reaching tonal palette that can handle any genre or style.

Slick, stylish, and simply stunning

Play brilliantly - and look good while you're at it. Because the Gibson Les Paul Special Tribute has a remarkable vintage aesthetic that just cannot be beat. An iconic vintage cherry finish is both eye-catching and elegant - certain to stand out on any stage. Black control knobs bring a classy touch. Dotted inlays. Vintage tuners. Traditional pickguard. Every inch of this model exudes beauty. It doesn't matter who you are - you'll look awesome holding one of these.

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