Ibanez elbas SDGR SR300E-cub

Model/varenr.: Ibanez SDGR SR300E

When Ibanez launched the Soundgear bass almost 20 years ago, the motto was: "Everything, except traditional! " The Ibanez Soundgear was light and curvy, had a thin neck and versatile, active electronics on board. Features that the electric bass pioneers from the 1950s would never have dared to dream of.

With the easily playable, through necks, the Bartolini® electronics and a handful of further upgrades, the Soundgear Prestige basses have catapulted even further towards optimal playability and versatility. The linchpin of the Ibanez Soundgear philosophy is and remains that modern basses for players who prefer a slim neck can produce every conceivable tone from punk to funk.

The 4-string Ibanez Soundgear SR300E-CUB longscale bass in Cerulean Aura Burst is a real recommendation for electric bass beginners.

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