Marillion - From Stoke Row To Ipanema

Subtitled - A Year in the Life June 89-July 90. Canadian NTSC/All Regions DVD for the British progressive rock act. DVD 1 features a total of 17 tracks recorded live during rehearsal & live at Hollywood Rock Festival, Brazil 1990. Disc 2 features ...    Full Description18 tracks recorded live at the De Monfort Hall, Leicester, England, 1990, plus directors cuts. Runnibg time is approx. 3 hours 3 mins. EMI. 2003.

Recorded live at the Hollywood Rock Festival 1990 in Brazil and in England 1990 and also live during rehearsal. This video features Marillion with new singer Steve Hogarth performing "Hooks in You," "Uninvited Guest," "Kayleigh," "Easter," "The Ultimate Gift" and more.

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