Model: ASCD146

Frederik Elsner with solo album!

Weight: 0.090 kg
Model: ASCD149

Tiu - en spændende ny duo med debutalbum!

Weight: 0.120 kg
Model: ASCD148

Et længe ventet album fra Paninnguaq Jensen!

Weight: 0.120 kg
Model: ASKN64

Juleplade med Per & Julie!

Weight: 0.120 kg
Model: ASKN65

Lena Broberg og hendes band udgiver debutalbum!

Weight: 0.120 kg

Børne Ukulele (Rød, Blå eller Hvid)

Weight: 0.500 kg
Model: ASKN66

Atsinnermiut udgiver debutalbum!

Weight: 0.120 kg

Nina, already a known name in the world of music, is now publishing a Danish-language record containing 10 songs. The songs are about 10 fictional women who each have their own deep story. Nina has written most songs on her own and some with the help of others. The album is not quite like the traditional Nina, as you know her and it will probably surprise many. This album is more electronic and is produced in the Faroe Islands, and by well-known guests, you can mention Kimmernaq, Nivi Pedersen and Pilu Noahsen. The texts are very personal and Nina unfolds like never before. Already, she is known as Greenland's singular number one and she proves this album again. Listen to the album with an open mind because it's a very fresh album with new beats and experimental sounds and if you're interested in knowing more about the different women she sings about, you can buy a book that contains a novel about the people she has singing about.

Weight: 0.090 kg
Model: ASKN63

Suernerit med nye festsange og ballader!

Weight: 0.120 kg
Model: Bontempi blokfløjte

Bontempi blokfløjte til børn

Weight: 0.500 kg
Model: Tim Amstrong Hellcat

Yderligere information


Design: Koncert
Top: Mahogni, Solid
Tilbage og sider: Mahogni
Bortskæring: Nej
Fretboard: Rosentræ
Bredde på møtrik: 43,00 mm
Frets: 19
Pickups: Ja
Farve: Rød
Taske: Nej
Inkl. Gigbag: Nej

Weight: 4.000 kg
Model: Yamaha Guitalele GL-1
Lille rejseguitar (travelite) fra Yamaha med grønlandske motiver i ben udsmykket på guitarkroppen. OBS!! - Begrænset lager!   Guitaren leveres med transport pose.
Weight: 2.000 kg
Model: Tombo baby harmonika
Smart lille baby-harmonika i halskæde - et hit til festen og julefrokosten !
Weight: 0.300 kg
Model: Yamaha APX700 SB

Thinline acoustic electric with the A.R.T. pickup system.

Weight: 5.000 kg
Model: ASKN-59

Kangaamiormiut erinarsoqatigiivi juullerpaluttumik saqqummersitaat!

Koret fra Kangaamiut udgiver ny juleplade!

Weight: 0.120 kg
Model: Yamaha PSR-F51


  • Bærbar keyboard ideel for studerende musikere.
  • Intuitive kontroller til at navigere gennem funktioner.
  • 61 tangenter Ideal for at udvikle dine færdigheder med.
  • 120 stemmer der dækker en vifte af musikalske stilarter.
  • Duo Mode for to spiller læring
Weight: 6.000 kg
Model: Fender workshirt - sort
Fender workshirt - black Er kun i str. S og L
Weight: 1.000 kg
Model: GHS Fast fret
FAST-FRET Not a spray! Contains no silicone. It's a liquid in an applicator. Use it on your strings, back of the neck and the fretboard. It lets your fingers slide freely, keeps your strings clean and conditions the fretboard.  
Weight: 0.300 kg
Model: ASLP1

Nanook releases vinyl!

Weight: 0.290 kg
Model: ASLP2

Inuk on vinyl!

Weight: 0.290 kg