Hinnarik Meeqqallu - Iterluarnaaq

Model: ASCD-98

Multitalentet Hinnarik from Nortoqittoq is now finally out with his debut album featuring good classical children songs as well as brand new, as children and young people have been asking for a long time. Hinnarik has collaborated with Frederik K. Elsner, also known from Nanook, where they together with Mik S. Christensen produced 18 songs. The songs range from completely silent fingertips guitar to bold hip hop, where Hinnarik shows what he can. Hinnarik who is the leading comedian in Greenland has contributed to "Hinnarik Sinnattunilu" and "Appiguk !!" with great success, and this album stands out from other children's CDs in many ways, not least because of all the unconventional Instruments that are being used, such as banjo, blockbuster, Jewish Harp, kazoo, etc. It is really a pleasure to get such a children's board as adults can also benefit from. The songs are entertaining and the album is definitely one of those that are not forgotten.

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