Enok Poulsen - Akulleq

Model: ASCD55

This CD contains 11 tracks (2005), and as always, Enok hits its listeners right in the heart with its splendid lyrics and recognizable singing voice that his fans love throughout Greenland. Even though he keeps the style, this CD still differs from his previous releases, not least because of the good sound on the CD and his new songs. Enok continues to surprise, and this time he has among other guests such as Hans Rosenberg (drums) and Jim Milne (piano). An extremely beautiful album that caters mostly from the middle aged audience to the elderly.

1. Akulleq
2. Naneruutit
3. Qanganngoreeruma
4. Affakuutimma Sapangassaaranngui
5. Anaanaga
6. Vivian
7. Ataatama Takusinnaasuuppatit
8. Naasuutinga
9. Igalaat Ilinikut
10. Sulersungaanga?
11. Ataataga Asasara

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