he MEINL Headlinerᆴ Snare Cajons deliver the classic cajon sound at an affordable price and can be used in Flamenco or World Music. They are also very useful during unplugged gigs for delivering the rhythmic foundation for a whole band when a full drum set can't be used. -SIZES 11 3/4" W x 18"H x 11 3/4" D -MATERIAL Medium Density Fiberboard -FINISH Matte -FEATURES Two internal snare wires -Adjustable top corner -Wide Sound Options

Weight: 7.000 kg

Gibraltar trommestativ - brugt få gange i studie ved indspilning - stativ med mange clams til montering - stativ i stærk/solid kvalitet

Weight: 12.000 kg

Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Standard Honey Amber

Size/Weight Dimensions Depth 5 1/2" Diameter 14" Design/Architecture Detail Hoop Model DynaHoop (dark silver finished) Material Steel (2.3 mm) Lugs Type Absolute Lug (dark silver finished) Tuning Bolts 10 Shells Thickness 6 ply 7.2mm Material Oak Snare Material High Carbon Steel Snare Bed 2.7mm Snare Name Short Type Hi-carbon steel Snare (25-strand) Strainers Butt Side Q type (dark silver finished) Release Side DC3 type (dark silver finished) Head Top Remo Ambassador Coated Bottom Remo Ambassador Snare
Weight: 5.000 kg