Tupaarnaq - Illit

Model: ASCD44

Finally, Tupaarnaq came with his solo plate. It exploded quickly and sold well deserved to a silver plate. The record contains 10 numbers, one of which is in English. The whole plate is popped and close to a little soft rock. She really sings with a force she has never heard before. Anda Uldum from DDR guests the album with his guitar. The record was recorded in 2003. People took great pleasure in the record and have some of the most popular songs the radio plays for wanting around the coast. She is the biggest pop name in Greenland, and her concerts are always filled. The music is very well done and the texts are well written with the help of the Uldum brothers.

1. Hingitat
2. Takussanatalu
3. Kipippunga
4. Ajannanga
5. Inunnguaq
6. Illit
7. Soormimi?
8. Fly High
9. Ullut Tamaasa
10. Taamani

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