T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath

Model/varenr.: T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath

T-Rex Fuel Tank Goliath, multi-Output power supply for effect pedals, 2950 mA through 7 isolated outputs, outputs 1-5 thomann can be set to either 9V DC or 12V DC 450 mA each, output 6 is 18V DC 250 mA, outputs 7 is 12V AC 450 mA, all Outlets are Center negative, voltage selector 115/230 volts, yellow LED when unit is on, size (W x thomann H x D) 160 x 39 x 81 mm, weight excl. packaging 0,800 kg. Included: 1 x 100cm Mains power cable, 1 x black 50cm DC cable with 2,1mm connector, 3,5mm mini-jack connector, 1 x Orange 10cm Polarity inverter cable with 2,1mm connector, 2,1mm thomann female connector, 1 x Green Current doubler cable. 2 x 2,1mm connectors, 2,1mm connector, 2 x Black 20cm DC cables with 2,1mm, 2,1mm connector, 4 x Black 50cm DC cables with 2,1mm, 2,1mm connector, 2 x Black 75cm DC cables with 2,1mm, 2,1mm thomann connector. 1 x 5 link cable, 1x red cable 2,1 mm, 2,5 mm connector and 1x blue cable 2,5 mm to 2,5 mm connector

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