Model/Artikelnr.: ALVAREZ Regent RD-16
At Alvarez we approach the design and development of all of our instruments in the same way, no matter if the guitar is an all-solid Alvarez-Yairi or a more entry-level instrument from our Regent Series. Every single detail is considered, every chance we have to make our guitars play, sound or look better is taken. The compromises we have to make to produce less expensive instruments, are only made when we’re confident we’ve optimized the instrument in every single way we can for it’s price point, thus delivering true quality and value.
Gewicht: 4.000 kg

Sider og bund af smukt agathis træ Hals, gribebræt og bro i ahorn. Forgyldte stemmeskruer Farve: Lys satinere't natural laquer'

Gewicht: 4.000 kg