The Zildjian ZBT Splash Cymbal is bright, fast, and cutting. Sound grooves and round hammer strikes in a simple circular pattern on the top surface of ZBT cymbals magnify the basic sound of the distinctive ZBT

Gewicht: 1.000 kg
Sharp and focused. Excellent, bright "chick" sound.
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If you love to clean your cymbals, things just got a lot easier for you! This cymbal cleaning polish will clean, polish and protect all your Zildjians, Cast or Sheet, Brilliant or Traditional Finish (Not for use on ZXT Titanium cymbals). 8 fl. oz./250 ml.

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Model/Artikelnr.: Zildjian Prepack

Zildjian PLZ4PK Planet Z 14/16/20 Pack


Planet Z

Starter Pack in Zildjian's redesigned Planet Z Series. Incl. 14" Hi-hat, 16" Crash, and 20" Ride. Perfect cymbal series for the entry level drummer.

  • 14" Hihat
  • 16" Crash
  • 20" Ride
Gewicht: 10.000 kg
Bækkenmodellerne i Planet Z-serien fremstilles af en zink- og kobberbaseret legering. Bækkenerne får sin færdige form gennem en drejeproces på Zildjians fabrik i USA.

14" Hihat
16" Crash
20" Ride
Gewicht: 5.600 kg